Tracks: Journeys in Time and Place

"Good travel writing opens up the mind, even as it relates a journey. Genni Gunn seems to know this intuitively...She has a knack for illuminating how landscape and history, both national and personal, can intersect...The tales of journeys taken Gunn details are mighty fine. But they're more than matched by the inner journeys she's tapped for this collection." -- Winnipeg Free Press

"In her newest book, Tracks, Gunn takes the reader to Canada, Italy, Mexico, and the politically charged environment of Myanmar (formally Burma) ... Gunn’s writing is exquisite and beautifully rendered. She transports the reader to foreign lands by rooting her language in the senses – visual, auditory, tactile. It is this which transforms her narrative into an emotional journey through time and space." - Cariboursmom book blog

These pieces dig deep into personal territory, exploring the bonds of an unusually peripatetic family…While in some ways, [her] world shrank with the departure of [her] parents, in other ways, [her] imagination was opened to new possibilities. Gunn explores some of those possibilities in this collection. An inveterate traveller, she questions the impulse behind the need to stay in motion, to always be the "other" in the world, while always seeking the home that never was.”  - All Lit Up

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